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Surround Swimming Pools

ProGreen synthetic grass to surround swimming pools. Artificial grass is the best material for surrounding your pool. Not only does it look stunning to have the bright green turf next to the sparkling blue pool, but it serves a functional purpose as well.

Most bare feet will agree that real grass is much more comfortable to walk on than concrete, not to mention it is a much a safer surface. Yet, having real grass around your pool means you are constantly seeing blades of grass and possibly muddy feet in your pool. So, you either have to accept the hassle of daily pool cleanings or risk the increased injuries of a concrete surround - except now you get the best of both worlds.

ProGreen Synthetic Grass is made to look and feel like real grass, as such it is an incredibly soft surface that bare feet tend to love. However, unlike real grass, the fibers do not stick to wet feet, and so, these blades of grass stay in the lawn and out of your pool. As for safety, ProGreen artificial turf features the most sophisticated drainage on the market, due to our unparalleled perforation pattern. This means the turf stays dry and less slippery, reducing the risk of falls.

When it comes to pool surrounds, there is no better option than ProGreen Synthetic Grass. Contact us today!