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ProGreen's artificial turf grass looks and feels like the real thing.
As far as low maintenance lawns are concerned, it will be extremely difficult to find one that requires less effort than an artificial grass one. When you make the decision to invest in artificial grass, you are making the choice to eliminate labor intensive yard work from your duties. Synthetic turf requires:

  • - No mowing
  • - No weeding
  • - No trimming
  • - No fertilizing
  • - No irrigating
  • - No pesticide applications
  • - No aerating
  • - No seeding
  • - No edging

Basically any task that goes along with maintaining a healthy lawn is not part of the regular maintenance for an artificial lawn.

So, what does it take to keep an artificial grass lawn looking great year after year? Well, be sure that you pick up debris, leaves, twigs and other particles that may fall onto the turf. Plus, the occasional grooming with a rake or broom to keep the fibers standing tall, and that is basically it.

Worried about the effect artificial grass might have on your home value? By improving your curb appeal and incorporating green features into your home, synthetic turf will actually increase your home value. Artificial turf eliminates the need of fertilizers, pesticides and other harsh chemicals that have been known to cause pollution and contaminate the groundwater supply. Also, by not requiring any irrigation, you'll be drastically reducing your water usage. These are two ways that ProGreen artificial grass is considered a green product.

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