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Your Dogs Deserve the Best, and you deserve a cleaner yard!

Dogs and Pets

ProGreen's artificial turf grass for pets. "Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole," a quote from Roger Caras that perfectly describes what it is like to have a dog. They are not simply pets or accessories, but part of the family, and, like any family member, they can sometimes cause frustration. While artificial grass cannot offer solutions to everything, it can help with all of the frustrations you have with your dog destroying your yard. So, if you have ever been at your wits end with brown spots, holes, muddy paws, uneven lawns and areas where grass will not grow, then it's time to consider ProGreen artificial grass.

You may be wondering if your dogs will even like artificial grass. Well, we can tell you with absolute certainty that dogs love ProGreen grass. In fact, it was their love of using our putting green turf as a bathroom that inspired us to produce dog turf in the first place.

Some of the benefits of ProGreen's K9 turf include:

  • - No more mud
  • - No more holes
  • - No dirt
  • - No use of pesticides or fertilizers
  • - No more worrying about urine killing the grass

Our K9 grass looks and feels just like real grass, so it is soft on their paws. Since it has a shorter pile height than our Natural Real line of products, messes are much easier to clean, and our aggressive drainage system ensures that the turf stays dry and odor free.

You probably never thought it was possible to have both dogs and a great looking yard, but with ProGreen, you can have both! ProGreen artificial grass for dogs is the perfect choice for use in backyards, front yards, dog runs, dog houses, kennels, dog parks, boarding facilities and more. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.