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The ProGreen Advantages

When it comes to synthetic turf companies, ProGreen is in a class of its own. From the manufacturing process to the installation, there are aspects from start to finish that distinguish us from the competition.

How it is Made – From start to finish, ProGreen Synthetic Grass is made in the United States at our own manufacturing facilities: two plants that are completely devoted to the production of artificial turf. Most companies outsource the manufacturing process, whether overseas or to domestic manufacturing companies. By doing so, they relinquish a level of quality control. As for the other turf manufacturers, many of them do not have facilities and machines specifically devoted to artificial grass, but serve a dual purpose also for manufacturing carpet.

Exceptional Quality – Since ProGreen manufactures all of its artificial grass products in house, we have complete control of how they are made. In addition, we have spent nearly 30 years testing and developing the manufacturing process to create a product that is most beneficial for the customer. As a result, we offer the softest artificial grass on the market, one of most important features for bare feet and paws. Yet, as the only turf company to utilize a four layer backing, our grass also has unmatched durability. Plus, we continuously work to improve our products with new technology, like the most recent addition of ProKOOL, which reduces the surface temperature of our artificial grass by 25 degrees.

ProGreen Certified Installers – The team at ProGreen South Carolina has completed the extensive training that ProGreen requires in order to become a certified dealer. We benefit from their 30 years of experience in the artificial turf industry, and have access to their industry resources, tools, support and equipment. Not to mention, we are the only preferred distributor of ProGreen products in the entire state of South Carolina. Of course, we do not expect you to simply take our word for it. We encourage you to compare ProGreen artificial grass with our competitors so that you can see and feel the difference for yourself.